DraftKings Plays for Week 12

Ah Thanksgiving. It’s that time of the year to see your relatives (that can obviously be a good or bad thing), eat about 5,000 calories in a single meal and also watch some football the entire day, not unlike every Sunday for the past 3 months. Prior to taking any tryptophan naps, make sure you check out DraftKings for the Thursday NFL slate.

This year’s slate of games should be a decent one with the Panthers and their lead man, the dancing Cam Newton, traveling to Dallas to take on Tony Romo and the Cowboys as the best game of the day. Aaron Rodgers will look to continue to right the ship against the Bears and the Lions and their new-found stingy defense faces the turnover prone Mark Sanchez and the Eagles. There will certainly be some fantasy goodness in these match-ups as well as the rest of the games on Sunday.

This week, I’ll give you a quick review of week 11 and give you plays for both Thursday and rest of the weekend slate for week 12.

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FanDuel Thanksgiving Picks

Well, here we are again, Thanksgiving Day. The day full of Food, Parades, seeing your crazy Aunt Betty and NFL Football! Fanduel has Thanksgiving contests for you to play in, so I am here to help you create a lineup, so you can feat on food and winnings on the same day.

Now, remember in these games you will likely be playing a tournament format with many players so your desired goal is for a player to score somewhere between 3 and 3.5 times his price. So if a player costs $5000 we are looking for somewhere between 15 and 17.5 points. With that out of the way let’s look at some options that exist for you at Quarterback, Running Back and Wide Receiver.

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Waiver Magic Week 12: Star Wars Edition

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released soon, and with all of the commercials playing more frequently I am starting to get pretty excited for it. One of, if not the most well known sci-fi/fantasy franchises, Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and featured some of the most memorable, recognizable, and quotable characters of all time. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda; I’m sure at least some of these names are familiar to you. They are the main characters of the Star Wars stories that revolve around the Rebel Alliance fighting against the evil Galactic Empire. Each of these characters has unique attributes that help them be a significant presence in the battles that take place, but no characters are more powerful than the Jedi Knights and their dark side of the force counterparts, the Sith. These characters are in tune with and able to use the universal power field that binds all living things, called The Force, which essentially grants its users psychic abilities.

Looking at yet another week in the NFL riddled with injuries to big names, some of the guys who emerged this week were clearly gifted in their use of the force and could help your rebel team make that final push to the playoffs, while other big names have obviously turned to the dark side and need to be sent packing to the far reaches of the fantasy galaxy.

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Bid it all on Thomas Rawls

Marshawn Lynch is scheduled to meet with Dr. Meyer to determine if he has a sports hernia. If that proves to be the case, Lynch’s season could come to an end leaving us with another projected top fantasy running back ending the season as a disappointment and potentially crushing many fantasy teams.

However, there may be salvation for some owners though. If you are able to get Thomas Rawls from the waiver wire you may be able to steamroll your way to victory for the remainder of the fantasy football season.

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Darren McFadden- How much is too much?

We are now through 11 weeks of the NFL season and Darren McFadden is still healthy! Yes, the same Darren McFadden who could not stay healthy in Oakland has been given a heavy workload in the Dallas offense. After starting training camp on the active PUP list with a pulled hamstring, McFadden was a part of a running back by committee (RBBC) for the first 5 weeks of the NFL season. Due to the recent release of Joseph Randle and the mirage that was Christine Michael, Run DMC, as many call him, has looked strong and healthy as the lead cog in the Dallas backfield. Once a RBBC, it is now DMC’s world and we are all just living in it. Over the last 6 weeks, he has received a majority of the touches. For McFadden owners, they hold their breath each week with the hope he will finish the game unscathed. Personally, it is a shock to me Run DMC has been able to stay healthy this far into the NFL season. With an extensive injury history from 2008 to 2015, McFadden has been a gift for fantasy owners who were not scared away by prior health issues. As most leagues have 2-3 regular season games left, is it possible McFadden can finish the year strong and lead fantasy squads to championship gold?

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DraftKings Plays for Week 11

What a disappointing couple of weeks if you are a DFS player. New York’s Attorney General has mandated that DraftKings and FanDuel stop taking payments from New York players, following Nevada and some other states that have disallowed players to play on these sites. Obviously, the courts will end up deciding the fate of DFS, but in the meantime, if you are not living in New York, welcome to week 11.

Week 11 seems to be one of the most “chalky” weeks in recent memory, as there are a bunch of plays that stick out and seem to be underpriced on DraftKings. I’ll tell you who those players are, where they can fit into your line-ups and also one player to stay away from for your week 11 DraftKings line-ups, along with my recap of Week 10. Continue reading DraftKings Plays for Week 11

FanDuel Week 11 Plays

FanDuel players rejoice, week 11 is here, other wise known as end of the bye weeks, or the week leading up that that big day about turkey. This week you cannot select players from the Browns, Steelers, New Orleans or the New York Football Giants, but there are plenty of studs out there on FanDuel to choose from, and I’m going to help you find some. For the categories of QB RB and WR, I will help you select a cash game player, a tournament game player and a budget pick. Then at the end I will give you a few sample lineups as well.

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There’s No Place like Home for NFL QBs

The confines of one’s own home sure can be comforting. Familiarity, a sense of security, and a feeling that you are the king of this domain all contribute to this level of comfort. The same is usually thought to be true of NFL teams – it’s what gives teams that home field advantage after all. Playing at home gives teams a sense of comfort that allows them to play with increased confidence, and theoretically increased performance. And even without the psychological factor, the benefit of having tens of thousands of people on your side is a tremendous advantage. Just ask any opposing team forced to play at Arrowhead! This week, we’re going to look at which QBs have benefited most from playing in friendly confines this year and see if there are any league-wide trends.

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This season long sprint has officially hit the final stretch run. You have made it this far and you may be faced with several different scenarios. First, you may be vying for that number 1 seed in your league and a potential bye. Another scenario is you are fighting for a playoff spot. You may be in that playoff spot now or you may be just on the outside trying to fight your way in over these last 3 or 4 games, depending on when your post season starts. If you are 4-6 or 5-5 there is still time to fight your way back in even if it means running the table. Let’s take a look at this week’s Game day match-ups to and get the best players in your lineups.

Titans at Jaguars

Jacksonville has quite the triplets in Blake Bortles and the dangerous WR duo of Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson. With a match-up against the Titans it looks like a great match-up for these three. It may very well end up being that, however, Hurns while catching TD’s in 7 straight games has been hurting lately and Tennessee has surprisingly been a bit stingy vs opposing QB’s. With that said however, I do like Hurns as a WR2 and Bortles as a low end QB1. Robinson is spectacular and is a WR1 here, he should fine plenty of room to roam. RB TJ Yeldon looks to be good to go for Thursday’s game and with his volume alone is an RB2.


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