Should You Draft Suspended Players?

As pre-season football is coming to a close, so are many fantasy drafts, and with the season rapidly approaching, many leagues are already set in stone, as drafts have been completed throughout the summer. For those of you who haven’t drafted yet, there is still some research to be done. As you head into your draft, you may be asking yourself what should I do with suspended players? With multiple key players out for the first several weeks, it is a good question to ask yourself. Is the risk worth the reward? Can you mix and match the right players in the absence of your star RB or WR? With (usually) 13 regular season fantasy games, a 1-3 or 0-4 start is difficult to overcome. Once draft day arrives, it is a decision that many fantasy players, including yourself, will have to make. Hopefully, I can make that decision simpler for you.

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Should I Draft Two Wide Receivers From the Same Team?

Draft season is an exciting time of year for the millions of people who enjoy fantasy football. Whether you’re playing in a big money league or just for fun with your friends, drafting can be stressful. It’s easy to over analyze and worry about things that may or may not matter over the course of the season. One dilemma that every fantasy owner faces is whether to draft two players from the same NFL team. Even when it appears I’m getting value for someone that’s falling in drafts, I find it hard to roster two skill players from the same team. It’s always been a gut feeling to avoid it because it always seemed less likely to have two guys go off in the same week from the same team. For DFS players, “stacking” can be a profitable strategy. But DFS is a weekly game, not a season long investment. I took a look at the last 2 NFL seasons to see what the numbers tell us.

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Matthew Stafford: Blue Light Special at ADP 18

Attention fantasy shoppers, we have a blue light special on a fantasy quarterback on aisle 18! Yes that’s right, I said it, Matthew Stafford is on sale, because for some reason many fantasy players aren’t seeing his value and passing him by in their drafts. If you want to win early in your season and win during your fantasy playoffs, I would not advise you make the same mistake they are. Let them burn early picks on quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, you can spend that time stacking up on key receivers and running backs, and then late in your draft, you take advantage of the value in front of you and take Matthew Stafford in your fantasy draft.

Currently Stafford has an ADP of 18 at quarterback (and 133rd overall) meaning you can wait till nearly the 11th round and get a stud quarterback on your team. Stafford is a player who is seeing a lot of changes in the past 12 months around him, and I believe for the better. So why is Stafford a great value? Well I have 3 reasons that I will lay out for you to help you understand.

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Running Back Handcuffs to Own for 2016

When you buy a car or home (just bought myself a money pit), you need to have insurance on each just in case of an emergency situation. If your house catches on fire because you wanted to see how high you could get the flame on your outdoor fire pit, you would be covered by that insurance policy. While there is a cost involved in actually maintaining the coverage, you benefit greatly in times of need. This exact same principle can be used in fantasy football through the process of handcuffing. An actual definition of a handcuff can be found on FantasyPros, but essentially it means to draft the backup running back for the player that you’ve already selected many, many rounds earlier in the event of an injury.

Obviously all teams carry more than one running back on their rosters at any one point in time, but there are a select number of situations in the NFL in which that backup running back would assume the full workload of the starter in case of an injury and also be an asset to fantasy owners. Typically my own philosophy is in 10 team leagues, the waiver wire is robust enough to skip the practice of handcuffing, but for any fantasy player in a 12 team league or more, you will definitely want to handcuff your stud running backs.  I’ll provide some of these top options for heading into the 2016 season. Continue reading Running Back Handcuffs to Own for 2016

Bold Predictions: AFC Edition

Well the NFL draft and free agency are over, OTA’s have come and gone and the off-season is nearly over. As we move into the regular season, countless team transactions have been analyzed, players’ stats have been projected, and news feeds have been overflowing with camp storylines. There’s not much left to talk about because the regular season is soooo close and man does it feel good. So to take a bit of a break from all the overwhelming analysis and projections and strategies, let’s make some bold predictions! Here are 16 predictions (one for each AFC team) that are sure to come true in the 2016 season.

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5 Fantasy Football Sleepers No One is Talking About

As we are halfway through the preseason, most fantasy owners are checking boxes and making lists of players that standout to them. Players begin to emerge out of nowhere and the preseason hype train gathers all aboard for a ride down misdiagnosis lane. Every now and then, these preseason standouts will perform just as consistently in the regular season. Unfortunately, most of the time, the big performances against 2nd and 3rd string players get exposed, and they become nothing more than a smoke screen.

There are however, players that are primed for success and no one is talking about them. In this article, we will look at five players that you can target at the end of your draft, that have all the credentials to flourish in 2016.

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16 Fantasy Football Rules for 2016

Every year of playing Fantasy Football is a different experience for me and normally I stay glued to all the latest news in the off-season in order to keep my competitive advantage in this game. This year is a little different, though, because I took the summer off from football and only now am I becoming reacquainted with the NFL and all of the off-season moves and other developments.

Since the start of the NFL season is just around the corner and I don’t have enough to catch up on all the news at once, I’ve decided instead to make a set of guidelines for my drafts and how I’ll manage my team in the year ahead. If you’re a seasoned vet who took the summer off like me or someone who is new to playing fantasy football altogether, then this should be an especially helpful chance to brush up on some of the core strategies to use and mistakes to avoid when choosing and managing your fantasy team for 2016.

Following these 16 basic rules to the letter is all but guaranteed to lead you through the draft and on to the playoffs in the 2016 fantasy season.

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Undervalued Players for 2016

With less than three weeks until NFL opening night, fantasy players readily prepare for draft night. Each owner is trying to gain an advantage over the other through research and mock drafts. Those who can get true value out of their draft selections have the upper hand headed into the fantasy season. Players like Allen Robinson, Eric Decker, Devonta Freeman and Allen Hurns were players drafted in the later rounds of 2015 who ended up finishing the season in the top 15 of their respective positions. I am going to look at several players in the earlier and later rounds that can return excellent value at their current standard leagues ADPs, which will be according to

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Why Drew Brees may not be a top 12 quarterback

Drew Brees is entering his 11th season as the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, once the top fantasy quarterback for two seasons in a row, Brees has since dropped in the past 3 seasons, finishing as the 6th highest scoring quarterback in 2015. What causes this? In my opinion two things, a changing of the guard at wide receiver and wear and tear on the body of an NFL player. The reality is I see where Brees could finish outside the top 12 of fantasy quarterbacks. The quarterback position is more competitive than it was years ago, and it’s not unheard of for a player with a regressing stat line year over year from 2011-2015 to fall out of the top 12. I’ll explain below.

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