Firestarters: Spotting the Flames and the Fizzles

The 2016 campaign is still quite young and there is still A LOT of baseball left to be played. But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to take a look at some of the new faces that are making waves in the early going. Now is also a great time to capitalize on a player’s hot start via trade or pick up someone who might help you all season. Let’s take a look at who has started off 2016 hot, here are some new players who have mashed their way into a top 100 ranking to kick things off. Continue reading Firestarters: Spotting the Flames and the Fizzles

Week 4 Pitchers to Stream

Either by choice or out of necessity, we hard-working fantasy baseballers need to stream pitchers throughout the season. This week, I take a look at good streaming options to take us through Friday. These guys should post good numbers in favorable situations and help contribute positively to your team’s pitching totals this week. Continue reading Week 4 Pitchers to Stream

You Pluck the Plum, You Get the Lemon

“Lemon”. A one-word gag made Volkswagen’s classic advertising campaign the stuff of legends in the Marketing industry. Its brilliance stems from the fact that it piqued the curiosity of the reader. At first glance, the ad seemed damning to the Volkswagen as a failed enterprise, but upon reading further you learn that they are actually touting their strict inspection protocols. If only players got tagged with such clever advertisements before the draft. Adam Wainwright’s might have looked like this:


…or maybe something to the effect of, “He’ll make your staff look better”. The only difference from Volkswagen’s being that in Wainwright’s case, the ad would read more literally and with a negative connotation… Continue reading You Pluck the Plum, You Get the Lemon

The Dark Knight Falls? What’s up with Harvey?

Matt Harvey is affectionately referred to as ‘The Dark Knight’ by his fans, a nickname he shares with the beloved Gotham Knight, Batman.

Through three starts this season, you might think that the Bat-Signal has started to dim a bit. If you’re a fantasy baseball owner, perhaps Harvey has been the ‘Bane‘ of your team.
Continue reading The Dark Knight Falls? What’s up with Harvey?

MLB Farm Report with Fantasy Impacts

We always want the newest and shiniest things in life. New might not necessarily be better, but it’s definitely more fun and intriguing. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to fantasy baseball. Sure, Ryan Zimmerman could rebound and become the 25-plus home run hitter he was just three seasons ago. I guess Justin Verlander has a chance to become fantasy relevant once again. The problem is, it’s just not as fun as finding the next Carlos Correa or Noah Syndergaard for your team.

MLB farm systems are littered with talent on the cusp of emerging on the big-league scene. Let’s take a look at some top prospects who are likely to get a call to the Major Leagues this year, and check in on how they’ve started their 2016 seasons. Continue reading MLB Farm Report with Fantasy Impacts

Is 2016 Corey Kluber Bad at Baseball or Nah?

What is wrong with Corey Kluber these days? This is a question I have been asked a couple times recently. Owners are growing impatient and may be looking to dump him in fear of a prolonged slump or an aging arm about to show signs of wear. You’re either reading this as a fantasy baseballer eager to get the scoop on an elite pitcher or you’re an Indians fan grasping for some assurance that Kluber will, again, find success. Either way, this article will shed light on Corey Kluber’s poor start and how I expect the rest of the season to go for him. Continue reading Is 2016 Corey Kluber Bad at Baseball or Nah?

Stepping In For Schwarber

So you spent a top 50 pick on Cubs’ couchfielder Kyle Schwarber on draft night and now you’re stuck planning a funeral for your chances of winning your league. The Cubs should have done all of us a favor and traded him to the AL where he could have DH’ed safely. Sure, it would have been hard to get equal value but surely he could have commanded a king’s ransom of prospects. But no, instead, Chicago decided to be gluttonous with their embarrassment of riches and tried to hide Schwarber in Left Field even though he had no business playing any position which requires him to spend 50% of the game not on the bench.

Continue reading Stepping In For Schwarber

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