Jan 28

3 Players Who Will Be Undervalued in 2015

Fantasy baseball is a game of trends and projections, and it’s of paramount importance that a person makes accurate assessments of his team. Just like stocks or real estate, the best fantasy baseball players are adept at predicting future performances. It’s easy to assume that Mike Trout will be a top three player for years, just as it is easy to assume that New York will be an extremely expensive place to live in the foreseeable future. But the truly skilled fantasy baseball players can project where the next Jose Altuve will come from. Fantasy baseball leagues are won not by the Mike Trouts and Clayton Kershaws of the world, but by the Michael Brantleys and Anthony Rendons of the world.

Because of this, I have chosen to highlight three players who I believe will rebound in 2015 to become true fantasy studs. This is not a list of young, hot prospects who I project will take a large leap this year (Bryant, Bogaerts, etc.) Rather, this is a list of players who let down fantasy baseball owners last year, falling incontrovertibly into the ‘dud’ category. I project these three players to have big bounce-back campaigns, and I believe they should all come at a great value on draft day. They will be gambles, sure, but every fantasy baseball champion has to have some chips fall his way throughout the year. Let’s get to the names:

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Jan 26

Fantasy Baseball Breakout Pitchers from 2014

What a year for pitching. Per Baseball Reference, teams averaged 4.07 runs per game, the lowest total since 1981. The downfall of the steroid era has coincided with a pitching revival, and the fantasy community has been feeling the effects. A wave of fresh young talent seems to wash over us every year and 2014 was no different. This article will examine the breakouts of three starting pitchers from last year, including their year in review, pitch arsenals and expectations for 2015. Jake Arrieta, Carlos Carrasco, and Jacob deGrom performed admirably last season (totals below), but what can we expect from them this year?  Continue reading

Jan 19

Fantasy Baseball: Draft Discounts from ’14 Flops

The following list consists of three guys I expect to bounce back following underwhelming years. The key here is draft value—I expect these guys to outperform their draft position. I could sit here and predict that Bryce Harper will round into form and smash his 2014 totals- which I admittedly expect him to do- but he will likely cost you a significantly higher draft pick than those listed below. Here are three names I expect to come at a discount come draft day:  Continue reading

Jan 03

FanDuel Picks: Wildcard Edition

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed watching college football on New Year’s Eve and Day and are now ready for the main event of this early part of 2015, Wild Card weekend

Obviously with only 4 games this weekend, choices will be limited in daily formats, but I will be taking a look at some values from FanDuel for this week and a review of last week and how you can have a rich start in 2015.
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Dec 29

Fantasy Baseball Writers Wanted

Fantasy Baseball Writers Wanted

Do you love Fantasy Baseball? Do you talk about it and study it constantly? Have you ever thought about writing about it or doing podcasts about it? Well if so, then we would like to talk with you about becoming apart of our team of writers and podcasters for the upcoming fantasy baseball season. All you need to do is fill out our application and we will contact you. Whether you have lots of experience or no experience we encourage you to apply.

Dec 28

FanDuel Week 17 Picks

I hope that everyone out there had a very happy holiday season. Now that the presents have been opened and we have seen way too much of our relatives (anyone have that really annoying uncle, or aunt that still pinches your cheeks even if you’re 27 years old, no, only me?), it’s time to make some of the money back that you spent buying all of those gifts.

As per usual, I’ll review how I fared in week 16 (there are a lot of picks between the Thursday/Saturday games and Sunday games) and give you my FanDuel picks for week 17.
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Dec 24

NBA FanDuel Picks for Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. Typically when I think of sports on Christmas only one thing comes to mind: the NBA. This season there will be 5 games on December 25th featuring some of the league’s biggest stars. You will see LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Chris Paul all on Christmas Day.

The question is should you have any of these players in your FanDuel line-up to win some extra cash on Christmas. I’ll go over how FanDuel scores for NBA games and also some value picks for Christmas Day. Continue reading

Dec 19

Fantasy Football Pick ‘em or Kick ‘em: Week 16

Fantasy football is a weekly game.

This should be your mantra; your rule to live by. There are times to take longevity into account, but more often than not you’re playing the weekly match-ups hoping to beat your opponent right then and there.

To help you make the tough decisions throughout your lineup, I’m releasing my list of guys you should either pick for your starting lineup or kick to your bench.

IT’S CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND! This is not the time to lose focus, and that’s why I’ve complied my best Pick ‘em or Kick ‘em list of the year. It involves benching Peyton Manning. What in the world could go wrong?

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