3 Unsexy Draft Day Steals

Every year, it seems that there are a few players that all fantasy owners want on their teams. When a team inevitably takes one of these players, the chat usually lights up with plenty of owners congratulating you on your pick. The following players will not get nearly the same response from your league, but will help you beat them when it really counts. Here are three players that could be seen as unsexy picks on draft day that will no doubt help your fantasy football team this season.

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The Best Strategy To Use When Considering Drafting Ezekiel Elliott

The fantasy football season is approaching us quickly.  Running back is going to be a very scarce position this yearAmidst all of the off-season news, last week we found that Ezekiel Elliott would be receiving a six game suspension.  Today, I will be telling you about where I think Elliott should go in your draft, and the perfect strategy for drafting him.

We need to acknowledge the fact that even though Elliott is receiving a six game suspension, that does not necessarily mean he is out the first six weeks. The Cowboys have a week 6 bye, meaning Zeke will be out week 7, and be returning in week 8. For most fantasy regular seasons, this is more than half the season. With most fantasy playoffs beginning in week 12-14, it makes it hard to invest a first round draft pick on someone who will not help you through the regular season.  Continue reading The Best Strategy To Use When Considering Drafting Ezekiel Elliott

Look Out for the Vikings in 2017

In the basketball world, organizations are creating super teams to win NBA championships. While NFL franchises can’t quite copy that strategy, there are several teams that carry an arsenal of offensive weapons. Pittsburgh is home to Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Le’Veon Bell. Atlanta superstars Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman have quality players behind them such as Mohammed Sanu or Tevin Coleman. Heck, even the Giants look scary with their outstanding receiving corps and the addition of rookie tight end, Evan Engram. In this era of passing, it is increasingly difficult to consistently feed touches to talented players. Today I’m going to discuss a team that is flying under the radar in terms of offensive fire power. This being the Minnesota Vikings and their upcoming trio of threats.

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Bilal Powell: PPR Must Have

Let’s jump right into it this week. Running back A is coming off a quietly good year. He played in all 16 games. He carried the ball 131 times for 722 yards, which adds up to 5.5 yards per carry (Second-highest in the NFL in 2016). He also added three touchdowns on the ground. Running back A also had success through the passing game. He tacked on 58 receptions for 388 yards and two more scores. Running back A quietly finished as the RB16 last season in PPR leagues.

Running back B is coming off arguably his worst season of his career. He received 218 carries, which translated to 813 yards. Good enough for just 3.7 yards per carry. While he struggled to get much going, he did manage to rack up 7 touchdowns, the third best season of his career in terms of scoring touchdowns. His YPC was the worse he has posted since the 2009 season. The struggles didn’t end in the run game. Running back B also posted his worst season catching passes of his career. He put up 30 catches for 263 yards and just one touchdown. Running back B finished as RB21 in PPR leagues last season.

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This or That: Wide Receivers Edition

As the calendar flips to August and you begin to research for your upcoming fantasy drafts, it’s important to go in with a plan. If you read my article last week, you know that I’m a fan of ZeroRB but that doesn’t mean that’s the only way I’ll draft. You have to let the draft come to you and see how the draft flows. Being able to exploit values that open up and avoid landmines throughout different parts of the draft will help you be successful. This week, I’m going to go through different parts of the draft and discuss who you should be avoiding based on ADP. The long and short is that some wide receivers are being drafted at their absolute ceiling and may disappoint at their price. It doesn’t mean that the wide receivers I mention below are complete busts and won’t have good weeks here and there.

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Buyer Beware: Regression Candidates

DRAFTERS BEWARE!! Year after year there are a number of up and coming players who have us all thinking they have arrived. Breakout years and long off seasons have a funny way of making owners over-draft and over-project; yet, the players we all grow to love don’t always provide the return we expect.

Yeah but past performance is an indicator of future success…right?

I’m here to say that this isn’t always true. Regression traditionally has a negative connotation; Let me be clear that it DOES NOT mean that a player will be bad or that they shouldn’t be drafted, but it simply signifies a return to a previous, usually less favorable state.  

Consider this: We all remember 2013 when Peyton Manning went absolutely crazy and threw for an NFL record 55 TD’s and 5,477 yards.  The next season, he regressed… BIG TIME.  The next season he threw 16 less TD’s (29% less) and 750 fewer yards (14% less), yet still finished as a top 5 fantasy player. Projecting regression is all about recognizing the past versus present situations, noting the changes in between and deciding how they translate to future performance. Here are a few players that I fear are unlikely to repeat their 2016 performances:

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Why you should consider drafting Alvin Kamara

In PPR formats, the pool of usable fantasy RBs is much deeper than in standard leagues. There are opportunities to add real value at the position late in drafts by targeting pass catching specialists on high powered offenses. The high profile pass catchers who have provided us with valuable fantasy seasons in the past tend to be pricey additions to your team. There is one RB available late in drafts who plays for one particularly prolific offense with a long history of throwing loads of passes to players in this exact role. Continue reading Why you should consider drafting Alvin Kamara

Fantasy Report Episode 131 – Over/ Under

In this episode, Derrick is joined by Kurt and Alex who discuss NFL news and notes and give predictions on over/under questions

How many yards will Melvin Gordon Have? Will Zeke carry the ball more times than last year? Is Mixon really a RB1 for the Bengals? We discuss this and more!

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Week 1 Streaming Targets for Late in Your Draft

One of the key lessons to learn in fantasy football is that the game is played and won on a weekly match up, not based on season long production. What you should be looking for each week is a way to gain a positional match up advantage versus your opponent. A popular strategy is streaming positions that you only have to start one of (such as quarterback, tight end and defenses).  If you play in a standard 12 team league, most teams will roster between 1-2 quarterbacks, which leaves 12-24 quarterbacks available on the waiver wire to stream in a weekly match up. This tactic is typically talked about in season, but why not look at defenses and quarterback that have great week 1 match ups and target these players late in drafts.  I will be discussing 2 quarterbacks and 2 defenses that have great match ups for week 1 and whose ADP would leave them undrafted in most leagues. Continue reading Week 1 Streaming Targets for Late in Your Draft

Why this years Tier 2 Running Backs could be studs and duds? PT. 2

Last week, I discussed the first three Tier 2 Running Backs on LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon, and Devonta Freeman. You can go back and read this article by clicking here. This week, we will be following the same format with the remaining three Tier 2 Running Backs.

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