Stash or Sell: What to Do with DL Players

It’s all happened to us once or a hundred times in our illustrious fake baseball management careers. That guy you invested a top pick in suddenly clutches his hamstring during a routine grounder in the 7th, and now you’ve got a big problem on your hands. At this point in the season, the waiver wire is picked clean, and stubborn owners who know you’re desperate refuse to give you a discount on a trade.

So, what to do? Well, either you can crawl into the fetal position in the corner and wait for fantasy football, or you can pick yourself up and figure out how to save your dignity. I’m here to discuss the latter option. Today, I’ll try to give you some advice on what DL guys to hang on to, guys to pick up from the waiver wire, and unfortunately some guys to straight up move on from. So without further adieu, let’s play a round of Stash or Sell! Continue reading Stash or Sell: What to Do with DL Players

3 Players You Should Sell High on Right Now

A couple weeks ago I wrote about some good buy-low pitchers that would improve your rotation. This week we are on the opposite end of the spectrum…the sell-high candidates. There always seems to be a couple of guys who come out of nowhere and give everyone an interesting show to watch. The unfortunate thing about that is most of the time these shows don’t always last too long. So while some of these guys (Kris Bryant) will be good for years to come, some just don’t seem to have what it takes. Let’s take a look at some guys you should be selling right now. Continue reading 3 Players You Should Sell High on Right Now

Week 7: Three Middle Infielders to Watch

Offense is really my favorite part of fantasy baseball. Pitching is great, but pitchers are so unreliable, they get hurt all the time, and it’s generally easier to throw (pun intended) together a makeshift pitching staff. Outfielders are usually the cream of the crop on offense, and that’s where you’ll find most of the true five-category contributors. Trout. Stanton. Marte. Gomez. McCutchen. Springer. Pederson. Puig (one day, hopefully). Yes, there are some powerful and exciting infielders, such as Cabrera, Goldschmidt and Bryant at the corners. But if I can find a middle infielder that hits for power and also steals bases? That’s when I get irrationally excited. I owned Ian Desmond the last two years in a keeper league, but traded him away in the off-season because his price was too much for me. But even with his struggles this year, he illustrates how helpful having a five-category guy in your MI can be. Usually I draft top-tier outfield talent and then try and scrape together my middle infield throughout the season. Here are three names that I’m watching very, very closely: Continue reading Week 7: Three Middle Infielders to Watch

Please Stay Healthy, Dexter Fowler

After a less than stellar streamer performance last week, it’s time to get back to some player-focused analysis rather than match up-based. Let’s focus on the undoubtedly productive guys rather than the borderline roster-able ones. This week, we’ll check into a somewhat surprising start to the season by Dexter Fowler. Fowler, currently the #14 OF on the ESPN player rater, might be in for a big age-29 season. Why is he so awesome, what might hold him down, and what can we expect from him going forward? Let’s discuss.

Continue reading Please Stay Healthy, Dexter Fowler

2015 Fantasy Football: Sleepers

As the baseball season races into the summer months, fantasy footballers everywhere start counting down the weeks until the Hall of Fame game. Well, maybe not. But ESPN has opened leagues for reactivation, which means it’s time to start talking rankings, busts, and everyone’s favorite…sleepers. My favorite at least. There’s nothing like plucking a sneaky backup RB or 4th WR from a team’s depth chart only to see him catapult to stardom like CJ Anderson last year. Sleepers can be high-risk, high-reward, and if you’re willing to take the gamble, you may just find yourself joining the annals of fantasy lore this winter. Without further delay, here are a few sleepers that should be on your radar come Draft Day 2015… Continue reading 2015 Fantasy Football: Sleepers

Why You Should Not Give Up on Stephen Strasburg.

It’s always a shame to see your best and favorite players struggle during the beginning of the season. You start to worry whether or not you made the right decisions this year while drafting your team. The good news is that it usually doesn’t last too long for proven players such as Andrew McCutchen and Corey Kluber. The bad news is that there is the possibility it does last and linger for a while, although it doesn’t happen too often to the elite of players. Last year it was Carlos Santana with the bad start that lingered. He performed a lot better in the second half but that’s for another time. As of right now Stephen Strasburg is the latest victim of a slower start. Metaphorically speaking, his foot is stuck on the break. Fortunately for Strasburg, the season is long from over, so don’t give up yet.

Continue reading Why You Should Not Give Up on Stephen Strasburg.

Hanley Ramirez has an Inexplicable BABIP

Batting Average on Balls in Play (BABIP) is the new low-hanging fruit for amateur sabermetricians. It gets overused and misused. Here is an intro to BABIP, but essentially, it measures the batting average of all balls that the defense has an opportunity to make a play on. If a guy hits hard line drives all the time, then he will most likely have a high BABIP; conversely, a player that hits weak pop flies and grounders will have a low BABIP. While the league-wide BABIP is around .297, each player’s career BABIP often paints a better picture of future performance for that individual. Continue reading Hanley Ramirez has an Inexplicable BABIP

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