Week 1 Woes Lead Me To Say, “Relax”

Welcome back to another season of fantasy football everyone. Week 1 has been completed and many are lead to believe there fantasy teams are in trouble. Injuries have riddled teams and many top performers flopped in very big ways. I’m here to tell you Relax people. I have done my homework, so let’s dive into this week’s data and get cracking. Continue reading Week 1 Woes Lead Me To Say, “Relax”

NFL Week 1: DraftKings Picks and Pivots

It’s that time of year again. As you’re reading this, you are probably at work thinking about how the Patriots-Chiefs game went and tinkering your season long lineups as we head towards Sunday. If you’re new to this site or DraftKings, this article is a good starting point. If you’re just looking for plays, today’s article is going to run weekly and I’ll go through some of my favorite plays, fades, and pivots each week at every position.

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Good Vibes/Bad Vibes: Week 1 Matchups

Finally! Meaningful football is here! As week 1 gets underway, we start transitioning into mid season form and attempt to figure out who we should play, and who we should bench. There are always a few players that you are playing regardless of their matchup. I’m talking about your first few picks, guys like David Johnson, Antonio Brown or Aaron Rodgers – I don’t care if they are playing the ‘85 Bears, you paid a top round price for them, so you are throwing them out there because you likely don’t have a better option. Some of these players even get the tag of ‘Matchup-proof’ due to their consistent high levels of output.

The point of this piece isn’t to tell you what you already know, but to dive a little deeper into a few players that are giving me confidence in week 1, and others that are giving me a second thought. Guys have given me good vibes before and then proceeded to give me a fat goose egg in my matchup, just the same as guys who have given me bad vibes have ended up in the top 5 at their position for the week, just staring at me from my bench… punishing me for doubting them. That’s just it, a big part of fantasy football is following your gut, and praying it pays off.

Before you lock in your week 1 lineups, take a look at which players are giving me good vibes and which are giving me bad vibes in week 1: Continue reading Good Vibes/Bad Vibes: Week 1 Matchups

2017 Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

Are you ready for some football???? To help you with your week 1 lineups, the writers at The Fantasy Report are providing their week 1 rankings in both standard and PPR formats. Any Questions? Find us on Twitter @Fantasyreport_

Standard Scoring PPR
Quarterback Quarterback
Running Back Running Back
Wide Receiver Wide Receiver
Tight End Tight End


Fantasy Football: Big Ben In Cleveland

Football season is finally upon us. Last week, students across the nation could be heard cheering for their teams as college football kicked off. Now it’s the NFL’s turn because the New England Patriots begin the 2017 season against the Kansas City Chiefs this Thursday. Week one is finally within our grasp which means we can finally evaluate our fantasy football teams after weeks of preparation and drafting. Will our diamonds in the rough produce like we hoped? Which big name players will be busts this year? Who will be the next fantasy sensation? It all starts this week and my eyes are on Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburg Steelers and their matchup against the Cleveland Browns. Big Ben is notorious for struggling on the road, but I think he turns himself around starting with a division rival. Here’s why you should be a Big Ben believer this season. Continue reading Fantasy Football: Big Ben In Cleveland

All Aboard The Post-Injury Hype Trains

This past week was supposed to be an exciting time for fantasy football owners. Drafts are in full swing and NFL stars were finally getting their chance to play more than just a drive or two. Preseason week 3 ended three fantasy relevant players’ seasons in a flash. Julian Edelman went down with a non-contact injury that turned into a torn ACL. Cameron Meredith was hit in his knee and tore multiple ligaments. Spencer Ware then went down with a torn PCL and is expected to miss the season. “Next man up” is the cliche for NFL teams. All of those players have backups that are now going to be more heavily involved than they would’ve been before the injuries occurred. The question is, do the backups slot directly into the injured player’s role and have the same value?

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How much is too much for Kareem Hunt?

What a week in the NFL. Every preseason, you can count on a few players suffering major injuries that in turn, shake up fantasy boards and drastically change ADPs . In week 3 of the preseason, we lost several players who were supposed to play significant roles on their respective teams, perhaps, none more consequential than the loss of Kansas City running back Spencer Ware. After learning that he had damaged his PCL in an awkward twist of a tackle, we started to hear grumbles that he would need season ending surgery to repair the ligament. Before you knew it, fantasy experts were being bombarded by owners wondering


Rest easy fantasy football world, I am here to shed some light on the backfield value in Kansas City. Continue reading How much is too much for Kareem Hunt?

Hawking the Waiver Wire: Running Backs

The easiest way to pick up a team changing player off the waiver wire is to have him on your team before he breaks out. While we can’t predict the future, we can store away names in our minds of talented players lost in a crowded situation or stuck behind an established veteran. These players may not always have an obvious path to playing time, but maybe they are only one great game or an injury away from consistent, valuable opportunity. I believe players like this are worth taking stabs at on the end of our bench week to week.

Some league rules allow you to make waiver wire transactions after the fantasy week has already started as long as the player you are acquiring has a later game. Check to see if your league allows you to drop a player after his game starts. Every league is different. I will often try to exploit this rule if possible, by rostering RBs on Thursday night and then dropping them for someone else before the early Sunday game. I’ll even make changes in between games on Sunday and Monday to sneak as many breakout candidates on my team as possible just in case it turns out to be their magic week. I’m not claiming to have had a huge success rate on these types of moves, but all it takes is one of these backs to hit and it changes the complexity of your roster and catapults your team to the next level. It depends on your league settings, but there is essentially no downside to doing this as often as your league rules allow it. You can also take advantage of this even if you don’t believe in the players talent with the idea of trying to sell high in a trade and upgrading your roster elsewhere if the break out happens – all around good possibilities.  The key here is to hustle more than your league mates by being The Hawk of your league.

Let’s take a dive into some of my favorite roster-churning running back candidates going into Week 1…. Continue reading Hawking the Waiver Wire: Running Backs

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