Oct 29

Trade Values: Week 9

Ahhhhhh! It’s the return of Bye-mageddon. This week owners are going to lose the services of a fantasy all-star team worth of players (Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, Eddie Lacy, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffrey, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb). That’s just a sample of some of the star power that will be missing in week 9. Hopefully you have some depth on your roster through waivers or trades made throughout the season so that you will not be hit too hard by this week of byes.

If you didn’t make the necessary moves, you have a few days to find a waiver wire pick up (you can read our column here) or make a trade using the trade values below to help out your roster not only for week 9, but the rest of the 2014 season. Continue reading

Oct 28

Working the Waiver Wire Like a Pro – Week 9

"Y'all know I'm just getting warmed up right" "Donte Moncrief" by Jeffrey Beall

“Y’all know I’m just getting warmed up right” “Donte Moncrief” by Jeffrey Beall

So here we go again, another bye week that features SIX NFL teams getting the week off so you’ll most likely have some work to do to field a competitive team in Week 9. The Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Tennessee Titans will all be resting up. Don’t even for a second consider punting a slot and hoping to somehow still record a win because points matter and if you end up costing yourself a potential victory and losing by one game, you’ll regret this decision later. Its time to let go of those guys who you’ve been waiting patiently to break out so Bishop Sankey, Justin Hunter, Antone Smith, Devin Hester, and new additions like Boobie Dixon, Bryce Brown, and Kyle Orton can be sent to the waiver wire depending on your team need and context. Here are the guys that will help you win not only this week but many more weeks to come.

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Oct 26

Unknown Target leaders going into week 8

Fantasy football is a game of numbers. Every week players hit the field with a chance to perform and put up points for your fantasy team. The key to putting up fantasy points is the number of opportunities a player gets so that he can make a big play. For running backs it’s the touches, for receivers it’s the targets. Most receivers are lucky to get over 7 targets in a game. The weekly target leaders are important to take note of because they have the most chances for making plays. I broke down week 7’s target leaders to some names you might not currently have on your radar.

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Oct 24

FanDuel Recommendations: Week 8 – Cash Games

Reviewing my recommendations from last week, the player that certainly has to be given some sort of recognition is Le’Veon Bell. Some players may have found themselves in a hole going into Monday night, and needed a miracle from Bell, well that’s just what they got. Bell posted 12 carries for 57 yards, 8 receptions for 88 yards, and a big touchdown to lock up 24.5 points. This week my recommendations won’t have you sweating out Monday night.


Elite: Andrew Luck ($9,900) – As mentioned last week we want to assemble a cash game team with highest projected “floor” scoring. Andrew Luck has the highest floor of all quarterbacks at 19.88. This week he draws the Pittsburgh Steelers, who has a soft secondary, who did a good job against Ryan Fitzpatrick, but we all know Fitzpatrick isn’t Andrew Luck. Vegas has this game at approximately 50 points, with the Colts projecting to score more than half of the points. With Trent Richardson as your running back you know the Colts will be relying on Luck heavily, to put points on the board. Look for Luck to outshine all quarterbacks with not just his arm, but his legs as well.

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Oct 24

Draft Kings Advice NFL – Week 8

Wow, last week I told you I had a good feeling and boy was I right. Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, and Antonio Brown finished as the 1st, 3rd, and 6th ranked receiver respectively. 96 points between the three of them, now that’s the type of return you’re looking for when picking players. I did blow a couple picks with Ben Tate and Justin Hunter but a pretty solid day all around. Stick with me and you’ll go places. Here are the guys to target for this coming week.


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Oct 24

Fantasy Football Pick ‘em or Kick ‘em: Week 8

Fantasy football is a weekly game.

This should be your mantra; your rule to live by. There are times to take longevity into account, but more often than not you’re playing the weekly match-ups hoping to beat your opponent right then and there.

To help you make the tough decisions throughout your lineup, I’m releasing my list of guys you should either pick for your starting lineup or kick to your bench.

This week, I suggest you bench one of the most consistent fantasy wide receivers of the last three years and start a Dolphins’ quarterback not named Dan Marino.

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