FanDuel Picks for Week 5

As always, the NFL season is flying by and we are back for another week of FanDuel picks. We now have a strong understanding of what is happening in the NFL, how teams are looking, how players in new situations are meshing, and that you can’t trust the Miami Dolphins offense – for now. One of the best offenses in the NFL has three fantasy relevant players that weren’t starters Week 1. Can you guess the team? No? Well don’t you worry, I have two players from the Steel City in my lineups. Let’s get into this!

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Nick’s Picks Fantasy Football: Week 5

Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor are top six fantasy quarterbacks.

Devonta Freeman is the number one running back in fantasy. Joseph Randle, Chris Johnson, and rookie Karlos Williams are also in the top 10.

Larry Fitzgerald is the number two wide receiver in fantasy. Travis Benjamin and James Jones are also top ten fantasy wide outs.

This is not a new sentiment, but fantasy football is crazy. Other than perhaps Mr. Randle in Dallas, none of the names I just listed were considered fantasy studs before Week 1 kicked off (James Jones wasn’t even on a roster until the end of training camp).

Suffice it to say that through the first quarter of the season the fantasy landscape has been unpredictable, but as we forge through quarter number two let’s work to identify which of these fantasy surprises are here to stay – and which you should bail on before they return to the norm.

And thus – with that in mind – we move to my Picks and Kicks for Week 5.

As a reminder: no I’m not going to go through every game and list out players from each team that should be in your lineup, and you can always refer to my rankings for position-by-position advice.

My Friday column is designed to highlight certain players at each position that I believe to be poised for either a great weekend (based on match up, usage, etc.) or a flop.

Also, “Pick” means “Start” and “Kick” means “Sit” … I like to be different, just go with it.

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DraftKings Play for Week 5

With the world of DFS potentially being sanctioned by the US court system in the near future, now might be one of your last chances to play on DraftKings as presently formatted. However, that’s another issue for another day.

The first quarter of the NFL and DFS NFL season is over, and I hope you’ve come out a few bucks richer as a result, but for those who have not, there is still time to make up for lost time and lost dollars. Deposit some money on DraftKings and get in the game.

This week I’m going to change it up and provide players you will want to add to your line-up in week 5, but also one player in each position to avoid. Continue reading DraftKings Play for Week 5

Gary Barnidge, Fact or Fiction?

Before the past two weeks Gary Barnidge may have been most famous for dating WWE Divas Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae on the WWE reality show Total Divas. But after two great games let’s ask ourselves , how does a 30 year old veteran, blocking TE emerge as a legitimate passing game option? Is it something that is going to continue or have the last two games simply been an aberration? Is he worth owning or is this something that is just going to pass and you should let someone else jump on board? Let’s examine some factors….


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Could Andrew Luck’s Poor Start Have Been Predicted?

There have been plenty of articles put out in this short fantasy season about Andrew Luck (on this site, we’ve talked about whether to panic or not here) and more importantly his early season struggles. And rightly so. After being the top fantasy QB in the league last year, expectations were sky high for the promising young signal caller, who was the beneficiary of 3 new (well…some old) toys this off-season. Through 4 weeks, Luck has largely disappointed, but if you’ve read our previous articles you know we have urged you not to panic. Now, instead of trying to analyze what else is wrong, we’re going to conduct a bit of an experiment to try to see if we can find something that everyone else was missing – a warning sign given off last year that would have signaled a decline in performance out of the top QB in the fantasy game.

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The Miami Dolphins- Are the Phins Fried?

Entering the season, Miami’s offense was expected to produce at an elite level. After a promising 2014, Ryan Tannehill was expected to take his game to the next level. Lamar Miller is fresh off a 1,000 yard rushing season with 8 TDs. In his rookie year, Jarvis Landry had 84 receptions on 111 targets. Additions through free agency and the draft helped improve an already formidable offense. Kenny Stills was added through a trade with New Orleans. Jordan Cameron was signed through free agency. DeVante Parker was selected with the 14th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. All were receiving threats added to an already talented offense.

Now, four games into the 2015 season, Joe Philbin has been fired. Tight ends coach, Dan Campbell, has taken over as interim head coach. The Dolphins are 1-3 and are sitting in the basement of a talented AFC East division. A Bill Lazor led offense has not returned fantasy value through four games. This leads us to the question, “Are the Phins Fried?”

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The Burly Todd Gurley Burst onto the Scene as the Top Rookie RB

While Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals was not Todd Gurley’s first NFL game, he caught everyone’s attention in week 4. Gurley’s first game was in week 3 against Pittsburgh, in which he had 6 rushing attempts for 9 yards. He was returning from a torn ACL he suffered while in college with the Georgia Bulldogs (as pictured) last year and they wanted to ease him into the lineup as he gets up to speed after missing the entire preseason. However, after rushing for 146 yards on 19 attempts (an incredible 7.68 yards per carry!) the Rams can no longer afford to gradually incorporate him into their offense.

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Waiver Magic Week 5: A Song of Iced Kickers and Fiery Pass Catchers

Week 4 saw many players vie for the fantasy throne. Some heroes from years past rose up from the ashes to rekindle their fearsome reputations, some new warriors put forth truly legendary efforts while cementing their place in the week 5 history books, several very popular characters fell on the field of battle in both glorious and inglorious manners, and just about every kicker stiffened up into a white walker when they were needed the most. Jeremy Hill scored 3 touchdowns which NO ONE saw coming, Devonta Freeman went ballistic once again scoring three more touchdowns of his own which EVERYONE saw coming, and Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Odell Beckham Jr. were all held in check to the surprise and chagrin of fantasy owners everywhere. It was truly a remarkable week with some new faces emerging.

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